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Preseeing w/o asking a question


I'm trying to get preseeding to work fully automatically (again: I was looking 
at this in the past, but my priorities shifted).

When in the second-stage (after the boot), you're prompted for the root 
password.  Is there *any* way of preseeding this? 

One solution might be to lock/disable the root password and allow people in 
through sudoers file.  Is that currently possible?

Also, I've a script that's run as base-config/late_command.  This works, but 
causes the installer to halt at the second-final stage stage of the install.  
Simply pressing enter causes the installer the rerun the script and pause at 
the same point.

I have to manually select the last stage (something like: exit installer) for 
the installation to complete.  Is there any way to prevent the installation 
stalling at this point?



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