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Possible conflicts in unstable


I am trying to upgrade from stable (Sarge) to unstable (sid). I think I
am finding myself in a catch-22 situation

After setting the /etc/apt/sources.list to the unstable sources and
and apt-get update, I try the following:

I bring the system down to a run-state of 1 (with no X running). I was
told this helps because it reduces the number of processes running on

I then do a apt-get dist-upgrade

Things seem to run okay until it tries to install the new udev package.

There is a complaint that the udev package needs a 2.6.12 kernel.

I then try to install the linux-image-2.6.12-1-386 package.

I get an error saying that hal: Depends udev (>- 0.063)

I try running apt-get -f install and it says that udev needs to be
installed. I answer yes to the verification and it comes back to the
error that the 2.6.12 kernel needs to be installed.

Should this be a bug filed against the installer or kerne?


Mark Allyn

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