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Re: SATA install - AMD64 - success story

On Sun, Jul 24, 2005 at 04:49:33PM -0700, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:
> I still don't know how to make Debian see the disk in AHCI mode, 
> which is required for Native Command Queuing (NCQ). 
> I think if Lenart Sorensen remasters an AMD64 installer with 
> a 2.6.12 kernal *and* compiles the AHCI module (it's under 
> drivers/scsi) then I'll know what to do.[1]

Oh now you tell me.  Off to rebuild again.  It is enabled in the kernel,
bit I didn't add it to the list of modules to include...  I just did

> My understanding - which may be wrong - is that even though the
> module is part of the stock 2.6.12 sid kernel, it has to
> be also inside initrd for things to boot properly. Getting the 
> AHCI module into initrd without the module being present in the 
> installer is beyond my skill level. [2]

That's part of the mess I am going through trying to update the install
cd iamge.

> I'm a different 'you' but for reference here's the entire
> output of lspci, at least when I've told my BIOS to run
> SATA in compatibility mode. Don't know if things change when
> running in AHCI mode. [3]
> I expect my hardware is a little bit on the new side at the moment,
> but will become increasingly common.

I should have the cd image ready in probably about 30 minutes.

Len Sorensen

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