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Re: Is "preseeding the root password with a MD5 hash" an interesting feature for d-i?

On Tuesday 14 Jun 2005 06:49, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Unlike pere I don't consider putting a md5 hash in a preseed file safe,
> > at least if the file is sent over the network. It can still be
> > intercepted and then cracking it is only a matter of cpu time. Beware
> > the false sense of security this may engender in users.
> Agreed. This could be documented in the preseed section of the install
> manual, though.


Sorry for asking what's probably a FAQ, but is it possible to preseed from 
multiple sources?  For example, to pick up the majority of the preseed info 
from a network source, but to pick up the root MD5 hash off of a floppy?

> So, besides this, do you think that it's still something we should
> work on?

It would certainly get my vote.

Having some mechanism for doing a preseeded install that is fully automatic is 
useful.  At least a little while ago, this was the only question that I 
couldn't preseed.



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