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Re: Is "preseeding the root password with a MD5 hash" an interesting feature for d-i?

Paul Millar wrote:
> Sorry for asking what's probably a FAQ, but is it possible to preseed from 
> multiple sources?  For example, to pick up the majority of the preseed info 
> from a network source, but to pick up the root MD5 hash off of a floppy?

The current implementation of preseeding doesn't really allow for this,
because only two of the various methods of loading a preseed file are on
each initrd: the one that loads a file from the initrd itself, and one
that matches how the initrd is expected to download the rest of the
installer. More preseed udebs (and their dependencies) can be added to
an initrd and then it will work, but at the cost of space.

see shy jo

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