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[Fwd: Re: Submit Debian-Installer Manual Traditional Chinese Version (zh_TW)]

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Subject: 	Re: Submit Debian-Installer Manual Traditional Chinese Version
Date: 	Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:47:32 +0800
From: 	Gary Jhang <dreamcryer@gmail.com>
To: 	Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>
References: 	<42A937D2.3040102@gmail.com>
<[🔎] 200506130224.21679.aragorn@tiscali.nl>

Frans Pop wrote:

>Hello Gary,
>Thanks for your translation. Always nice to get an extra language.
>There are some untranslated and fuzzy strings in the po files which I hope 
>you will be able to translate soon.
>I have some questions/requests:
>- I have now sent the log to you privately. Is there maybe an open list
>  that is used for zh_TW translation that I could send the log to instead?
>- Please check the generated files for problems.
>- The text file is currently in UTF-8 encoding. If you'd prefer some other
>  encoding (big5?), please let me know.
>- What is the quality of the translation? Has it been reviewed? If the
>  quality is good enough I can also add your translation to the official
>  website [2], but I will need at least one build that is 100% translated.
>I will sometimes send information about the manual to the debian-i18n 
>list, so please make sure that at least one member of your translation 
>team is subscribed to that list (it is fairly low traffic).
Hi Frans,
I have subscribed both debian-i18n and debian-chinese-big5@lists.debian.org
Please send the log to debian-chinese-big5 as Christian mentioned in his

I think UTF-8 encoding is fine. I would let you know if big encoding
version is needed.

The quality of the translation is not good enough. It is my first work and I
missed some fuzzy ones. I will make correct and clear the errors in the
build log.
Please put the translated manual on the official site after I submitted
a 100%
translated version.

Thank you!

Gary (Jhang, Jia-Wei)

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