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300 watt razor electric scooter

I am having difficulty with the razor scooter I purchased from Pep Boys on 4/17/05.This scooter is ridden by a 9 year old boy.  All of a sudden he is not able to get the scooter to go whatsoever.  He rode it down the street and when he stopped  he was unable to get the scooter to move forward.  We have pushed the reset button to no avail.  This scooter is inside all the time except when it is ridden.  The care of the scooter has been impecable.  We have had no previous problem with the scooter until today 6/12/05.  Also I was to receive a rebate of $20.00 which I sent in on 4/18/05, but I have heard nothing from this rebate.  I realize the scooter is still under 90 day warranty.  Please advise me what steps to take in order to make the scooter operable once again.  This is an excellent product and my grandson has thoroughly enjoyed it until all of a sudden it refuses to run.  As he tries to get it to go I can hear a clicking sound as if the motor is trying to start.
Thank you for your speedy reply.
Joanne Odell
3204 Valley Forge Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37920

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