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Re: preseeding and environment overrides

Colin Watson wrote:
> Do you think this is a good idea? I've always thought it's good for the
> very time-consuming job of installing packages to take place in the
> second stage, so that you get to reboot and find out whether your system
> actually works as soon as possible; plus it gets us out of cdebconf
> earlier so that we don't have to work out how to pass debconf questions
> from packages you're installing through to cdebconf.
> (Ubuntu has pulled some base-config *questions* back to the first stage,
> but not package installation ...)

I'd like to at least explore the idea. It may be that the
simplifications of removing a stage from the install process outweigh
those problems. We'd no longer need to worry about the booted system
missing a root password with daemons running, or about propigating
mirror/cd selection/debconf priority to base-config, or about setting up
a framebuffer console for base-config to run in. Also base-config would
become more obviously a part of d-i and somewhat easier to test and so
hopefully get more people working on it.

see shy jo

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