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preseeding and environment overrides

I've been thinking a bit about d-i's overriding of cdebconf settings via
environment variables at boot and have two questions:

Currently values passed on the command-line only affect d-i first stage.
Would it be useful if they also affected second-stage, like other
preseeded values, or would this lead to problems? I suspect booting with
debconf/frontend=text could be problimatic or at least suprising if it
affected deconf, for example. Still, the consistency would be nice.

I have a kind of solution to the problem of these variables being
sometimes annoyingly long: globbing. */framebuffer=false,
*/locale=en_US, */keymap=us. Does this make sense, or look too ugly to
expect users to type it? Using the glob preserves the current indicator
of a debconf environment variable (the /), and also indicates rather
well that this setting may apply to more than one thing. I can think of
two ways to implement it, the better way would be a cdebconf db that is
put in the stack and looks up values from globs.

see shy jo

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