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Re: base-config r1543 - in trunk: . debian lib/menu

Colin Watson wrote:
> > Bit worried about making this change so soon. People may want to use the
> > sarge install media to install etch, and this will break that.
> I have to say I'm a bit sceptical - surely you'll need an updated
> debootstrap-udeb, and by the time you wrangle that you might as well get
> the new base-config? - but OK.

MM, right, installing sid with sarge is still possible though.

> > What do you think, should we hold off on putting this change into etch
> > for now, or make it fallback to the old location?
> If possible, I'd like it to look in both places, then, just so I can
> drop that set of diff hunks in Ubuntu base-config.


see shy jo

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