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Re: Packages with "Debian" in templates

> > "The Debian CD" becomes "Le cédérom de Debian", but "The Ubuntu CD"
> > becomes "Le cédérom d'Ubuntu" in French. Dunno if other languages have
> > the same problem, though..... French can circumvent this....
> I suggested this when Colin first brought the issue under attention, but
> he mentioned that this is not really feasible in his opinion precisely
> because there are many languages where using one variable like that will
> /not/ work.

Hmmm, only translators can really tell this. And, indeed, I think this
would be quite likely to be a non problem, ie all languages can safely
find a way to phrase their translations so it fits with any variable

After all, we are talking about something which is always singular
(so, no plural problem), has no real gender (so, no male/female
problem) and is not likely to be influenced by declinations.

There are maybe very neat cases where the translation will be tricky,
but I'm confident in translators imagination to circumvent this..:-)

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