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Re: help with d-i and a custom kernel

Shane wrote:
> I am attempting to get netinst CDs built with the speakup
> enabled kernel for Sarge using the procedure documented in
> $(d-i_root)/installer/doc/custom-kernel.txt and am having
> some difficulty though I have done this successfully with
> d-i rc3.  I am using the svn tree from branches/sarge. 
> Hopefully that is correct.  The idea is to add a speakup
> and speakup26 kernel boot targets to a standard netinst CD
> enabling speech output.
> Anyways, the kernel build and d-i remaster went fine, as
> did the CD boot process.  However, once installation is
> complete, booting to the newly installed system fails
> saying cannot mount the root device.  Looking at the
> generated grub/menu.lst, the initrd line isn't present, and
> upon further investigation, modutils or module-init-tools
> in the case of 2.6 didn't get installed with the base
> system.  If I chrooted to the new installation, installed
> the modutils deb, ran mkinitrd and update-grub, the new
> system boots correctly.
> My question, does anyone have an idea as to where I should
> be looking to see that modutils gets pulled in with the
> base system?  The deb is on the cd but I can't figure where
> d-i is actually selecting base packages to be installed. 
> Should the newly built kernel-image package depend on
> modutils/module-init-tools?

modutils is always installed by debootstrap no matter what.

modult-init-tools is pulled in via a dependency of the kernel-image
package. So's initrd-tools, IIRC.

see shy jo

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