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Re: d-i release manager needed

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Thanks for identifying this problem. My suggestion for fixing it is as

Hmmm, mail is well known for not making irony perceptible, so I hope
there's no irony here. If so, it would mean that I have been indeed
wrong in raising that topic and we should just forget about it. I just
want to be sure....you all know how careful I am when it comes to
sentitive issues and the need to not hurt people's feeling...:-)

> follows: I don't make the second to next d-i release. I will be
> available for any questions, will keep on developing d-i (of course),
> but will not actually do any management of the release. Second to next
> release and not next so we don't slow things down with any new etch
> issues, and so someone can watch over my shoulder for the next release.
> After that release we will hopefully have two people who can fill this
> position.
> Any volenteers to manage etch d-i beta2 (or whatever you choose to
> call it)?

The suggestion seems good to me : having someone working on etch d-i
beta1 along with Joey, just to learn about the process...and then
slowly move to a team release process. The only difference I see is
that we maybe don't need that you step too far aside..:-)

We may also need to have someone, in the team, who is able to manage
sarge installer point releases. Maybe the same people, maybe not
(sarge point releases probably need a lot of talking with Joey Schulze
and the stable release managers). Again, this can be still the same
group of person than the etch d-i release managers...or not.

More generally speaking, this is probably time for a kind of "call to
come back in -boot"....:-). Up to now, there has been up to 150 people
involved in d-i team, just counting the number of people with commit
access to SVN. Even if we don't count several translators who don't
directly contribute to the code, this probably leaves us with about
100 people.

These days, I only count about less than 10 people really active in
D-I.... We need more of our historical contributors just come back. in
d-i development and avoid the gap which could happen, leaving us with
no suitable release for too much time.

A lot of things to talk about. Maybe time for a d-i team IRC meeting?

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