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Re: d-i release manager needed

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hmmm, mail is well known for not making irony perceptible, so I hope
> there's no irony here. If so, it would mean that I have been indeed
> wrong in raising that topic and we should just forget about it. I just
> want to be sure....you all know how careful I am when it comes to
> sentitive issues and the need to not hurt people's feeling...:-)

Nope, no irony involved..

> These days, I only count about less than 10 people really active in
> D-I.... We need more of our historical contributors just come back. in
> d-i development and avoid the gap which could happen, leaving us with
> no suitable release for too much time.
> A lot of things to talk about. Maybe time for a d-i team IRC meeting?

I agree, and I think we should aim for a post to debian-devel-announce
to entice new and old people to work on d-i.

see shy jo

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