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Bug#306192: installation-reports

On Sunday 24 April 2005 22:56, Eperkutyus wrote:
> <"expert" didn't recognize my hard disk.
> "expert26" said, the kernel image cannot be found.
> "linux26" doesn't work either, kernel image not found.

The linux/expert26 options does not exist for amd64 as the default kernel 
that is booted with linux/expert already is a 2.6 series kernel (2.4 is 
not supported).

It looks like your harddisk controller is not recognized by the installer. 
If you know which driver is needed, you can try switching to VT2 (Alt-F2) 
and modprobe the driver manually.
If not we will need the output of 'lspci' and 'lspci -n' for your system 
to add the information to our database.

Also, the netinst image is somewhat outdated (last build on Feb. 19; this 
is being worked on).
Could you try the monolithic image or maybe netboot the installer? These 
images are more recent.


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