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Re: FWD: How much disk space to install Sarge ?

Frans Pop wrote:
> The size of the base installation has changed considerably: from 178 to 
> 573 MB! Was the old count taken before the "fix" of aptitude?

That's possible, I forgot to document how I got the numbers but iirc I
used aptitude.

> I suspect the main reason to be that if you check the size of tasks from 
> aptitude, you will also get packages that are _recommended_ by packages 
> in the task. However, if a task is installed from tasksel, these packages 
> will _not_ be installed by default!

I do remember turning off aptitude recommends before generating the

> Here is a page that has both the new and old table. I've also included two 
> extra paras to cover the issues mentioned earlier on. Comments welcome.
> http://home.tiscali.nl/isildur/d-i/apcs03.html

Looks good to me.

> While checking the sizes I noticed the following:
> - The Print server task is completely broken as it will pull in X and
>   Gnome: the task has foomatic-gui which depends python-gnome2 which ...

How do you get from there to "completly broken"?

> - Same goes for SQL server task which will pull in X because of pgaccess
>   which depends on tk8.3 which depends on xlibs...
> IMHO this is completely broken for server tasks.

<shrug>, I have many servers with bits of X installed, if they don't
have to run an X server, this seems acceptible, it's just another
library set.

see shy jo

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