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Re: FWD: How much disk space to install Sarge ?

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 22:26, Joey Hess wrote:
> The second time I read the documentaion, it says you
> need 2.058 Gb to install and an Installed size of
> 1.5Gb to run.  But it overran the partition of 2.3Gb
> !!
> Sarge Installation Manual, Section C.3. - Disk Space
> Needed for Tasks,  available @
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/

For one thing I suspect that William forgot to add the size of the base 
installation to the space requirements listed in the table for tasks. The 
total of base and desktop is almost 2300MB according to the old table.
Also, if he had not installed in English, he could have had to reserve 
space for a localization task.

The listed sizes were inadequate though. Currently 2450MB is needed.

The size of the base installation has changed considerably: from 178 to 
573 MB! Was the old count taken before the "fix" of aptitude?

The tasks are all smaller. I guess partly because some stuff that was 
installed as part of a task is now part of base.
I suspect the main reason to be that if you check the size of tasks from 
aptitude, you will also get packages that are _recommended_ by packages 
in the task. However, if a task is installed from tasksel, these packages 
will _not_ be installed by default!
I have taken the sizes as reported by aptitude when started from "tasksel 
new" because that is closest to a actual installation.

Here is a page that has both the new and old table. I've also included two 
extra paras to cover the issues mentioned earlier on. Comments welcome.

Plain "tasksel" will also behave differently for the Mail server task as 
it is listed as "installed" while actually some constituent packages are 
not yet installed.

While checking the sizes I noticed the following:
- The Print server task is completely broken as it will pull in X and
  Gnome: the task has foomatic-gui which depends python-gnome2 which ...
- Same goes for SQL server task which will pull in X because of pgaccess
  which depends on tk8.3 which depends on xlibs...
IMHO this is completely broken for server tasks.


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