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Re: FWD: How much disk space to install Sarge ?

On Monday 18 April 2005 23:26, Joey Hess wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > While checking the sizes I noticed the following:
> > - The Print server task is completely broken as it will pull in X and
> >   Gnome: the task has foomatic-gui which depends python-gnome2 which
> > ...
> How do you get from there to "completly broken"?
> > - Same goes for SQL server task which will pull in X because of
> > pgaccess which depends on tk8.3 which depends on xlibs...
> > IMHO this is completely broken for server tasks.
> <shrug>, I have many servers with bits of X installed, if they don't
> have to run an X server, this seems acceptible, it's just another
> library set.

Right. A "few libraries" would probably be acceptable to me as well 
(although I'd prefer to not get any X when installing a server task).

The actual print server related packages total just under 80MB. Dragging 
in 90MB (installed size) worth of X and Gnome when selecting a printer 
task from tasksel for an old 486 or Pentium that was supposed to be a 
lightweight server, is broken in my book.

The SQL task loses almost 30MB when pgaccess is deselected. AFAICT 
pgaccess is a _client_ application used to query a Postgress _server_.

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