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Bug#303182: IBM ThinkPad X40 w. external USB CD/floppy

reassign 303182 partman-auto
retitle 303182 Should propose immediate resizing as a "Guided partitioning recipe" when there is no free space on the hard disk
severity 303182 wishlist

Quoting Martin Leopold (leopold@diku.dk):

> What I want is a "Resize existing partitions and install next to other
> OS".

OK, got it. The missing information was "the windows partition fills
up the whole disk".

No, there is no possibility except manual handling of that case in
partman by resizing the NTFS partition.

I'm not sure whether the code for NTFS resize is in partman or not
but, even if it is, there's not direct entry to this.

Such wishlist item may have already been reported against partman (or
partman-auto). As I'm not sure and can't currently check, I prefer
reassigning ths install report as a wishlist BR against partman-auto
and it will maybe be dealt with in post-sarge
releases....provided, as usual, than manpower is available for

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