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Bug#303182: IBM ThinkPad X40 w. external USB CD/floppy

Quoting Martin Leopold (leopold@diku.dk):

> I was very surprised to se the automatic suggestion simply wanted to
> delete my ntfs partition (with WinXP).. While being the devils spawn, my

That would be interesting to reproduce.

Could you mention us the exact steps which led to this "destruction

> For this particular laptop I couldn't get suspend-to-ram/suspend-to-disk
> working with any other kernel than - having 2.6.11 in the
> Debian would make it easier to install Debian on this laptop

This would delay the release by too much time and is veryunlikely to

However, I'm glad to learn that suspend to disk now works from Debian
stock kernels...this is a long awaited feature..:)

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