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Bug#303182: IBM ThinkPad X40 w. external USB CD/floppy

On tir, 2005-04-05 at 18:18 +0200, Christian Perrier wrote: 
> > I was very surprised to se the automatic suggestion simply wanted to
> > delete my ntfs partition (with WinXP).. While being the devils spawn, my
> That would be interesting to reproduce.
> Could you mention us the exact steps which led to this "destruction
> suggestion"?

I can't retrace the exact steps since now my NTFS partition doesn't take
up all the available space, but I can boot the installer again and see
what happens.

If I boot the RC2 (with Debian installed and disk repartitioned) I go
through the following:
1. Select language English
2. Select region United States
3. Select keyboard American English
  ... Detecting hardware
  ... Loading installer components
  ... Detecting network hardware
  ... Configuring nework via DHCP 
4. Configure the netork (hostname, domainname)
  ... Detecting disks and other hardware
  ... Starting up paritioner
5. Partition disks the two available suggestions are still:
   Erase entire disk: IDE1 master (hda) - 40.0 GB HITYACHI_DK12FA-40B
   Manually edit partition table

What I want is a "Resize existing partitions and install next to other

Regards Martin Leopold.
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

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