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Bug#300870: install report: Debian-Installer fails on old IBM PC

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 20:38:28 -0500
Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:

> The installer tries to load all modules in the same order that Debian
> will load them on boot, to avoid this kind of inconsistency. All I can
> think of is that there must be some difference between the modules
> that are loaded or the order they are loaded. This should be reflected
> in the kernel messages.
> So if you can get us a copy of /var/log/debian-installer/syslog, that
> will provide the first set of kernel messages, from the installation.
> Then if you can copy down as much as possible of the messages when the
> installed system fails to boot, I'll bet comparing these two will shed
> some useful light on the problem.

Thanks for your reply. Fortunately, I saw it just before I was about to
try the RC3 install floppies, which would have overwritten this file.
Can you tell me why the files in this directory:


have a timestamp of March 5th? This is much earlier than the pre-RC3
daily-build images I was using; is that intentional?

A gzip'ed copy of /var/log/debian-installer/syslog is attached. Also
attached is /var/log/debian-installer/messages , which seemed like it
might be relevant. As for the module loading order for the failed
reboot, see the "loadmodules" file extracted from the initrd image in my
previous message.

There is one other oddity I noticed, which may or may not be related.
When I retry the installation (as I have many times), at the "Partition
disks" stage (where I choose "manual"), the existing ext3 partition on
hda is never recognized, although the existing swap partition on hdc is.
I don't understand why that would happen.

Let me know if there is other information that would be useful in
solving this problem.

-- Ian Bruce

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