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Bug#300870: install report: Debian-Installer fails on old IBM PC

Ian Bruce wrote:
> The installation was carried out with the current daily-build floppy
> disks (boot, root, drivers), with everything else obtained through the
> network. Everything proceeds smoothly until the reboot from hard disk.
> GRUB loads the kernel and initrd image, apparently successfully. The
> kernel runs through the bootup sequence without issue until it tries to
> "Partition check" the hard drive. After making some comment about using
> the PIIX module, and correctly recognizing the Quantum hard drive, it
> then fails with a bunch of DMA timeout errors.
> Since neither the install floppies, nor GRUB, nor "tomsrtbt" have any
> problem at all with this hardware, I infer that it's a software problem.
> Probably something about the right module not being loaded, or loaded in
> the wrong order, or a conflict with another module. The installer chose
> the "kernel-image-2.4.27-2-586tsc_2.4.27-8_i386.deb" kernel package; I
> also tried the "kernel-image-2.4.27-2-386_2.4.27-8_i386.deb" kernel
> package, but the result was the same.

So apparently your disk works fine when the installer is using it to
install debian to.

The installer tries to load all modules in the same order that Debian
will load them on boot, to avoid this kind of inconsistency. All I can
think of is that there must be some difference between the modules that
are loaded or the order they are loaded. This should be reflected in the
kernel messages.

So if you can get us a copy of /var/log/debian-installer/syslog, that
will provide the first set of kernel messages, from the installation.
Then if you can copy down as much as possible of the messages when the
installed system fails to boot, I'll bet comparing these two will shed
some useful light on the problem.

see shy jo

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