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Bug#300545: acpi task

Joey Hess:
> I'm hesitant about calling acpi support itself a task. It doesn't full
> in the blank well in a sentence like "I wanna use a ___.". I'd also
> prefer to avoid completly hidden tasks, if there's not some visible task
> (like desktop that triggers them, since I think that could lead to some
> overly-DWIM behavior.

OK. So it would be okay to have desktop-triggered hidden hardware
detection tasks?

> Of course it's a subset of laptop support, which I do think would work
> as a task; the task could try to detect a laptop, and default the task
> to install if found; the task would always be visible in the menu.

Well, not all laptops support ACPI, and it is useful on desktops
too. If you have acpid installed on a desktop PC with ACPI, you can
press the power button to make it shut down nicely.

A laptop task would of course also be useful. We could probably use
Ubuntu's laptop detection code.

> Given that all we need for acpi support is so simple, it might be better
> to hardcode this elsewhere in the installer.

Like, apt-install'ing acpi and acpid in hw-detect if ACPI is available?


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