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3 days until end of test period

Just a reminder that we have (less than) three days until the end of the
test period of the pre-rc3 images. Thanks to everyone who has tested and
helped fill out the release-checklist. I do see a few holes yet to be
filled in, notably we lack any results for powerpc, mips, mipsel and m68k.
Also a few things in i386 like USB keychain installs and full CD
installs are yet to be tested.

It's all looking pretty good, the only real blocker at the moment is
jfbterm 0.4.7-2 which is needed in testing to fix hangs with many
languages. Once that builds on s390 it should reach testing quickly.

We do have the option of another full round of initrd builds before rc3,
without missing the release date (by much). At the moment, some of the
issues I'm looking at that could call for this are:
  - hw-detect fix to load sbus modules on sparc since discover fails to
    detect them (#299074)
  - os-prober fix for problem with ambiguous labels in lilo in some
    cases (#299001)

These are both small and simple fixes to relatively small problems. The
os-prober fix could easily be slipped into testing without needing a
rebuild of anything; the hw-detect fix is probably more important, but
would need an initrd rebuild and seems to only affect a subset of sparc
machines (which we only hard of in the past few days anyway). I doubt
that either one would be worth an errata item, so they're probably not
worth worrying about fixing for rc3.

Other than details like a release announcement I think that's all that
remains for rc3! :-)

see shy jo

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