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Bug#298260: installation-reports

Further information on this bug.

The installer system hang was originally encountered with
the HP NetRAID controller.

I also tried the following other models of this controller and
experienced the same system hang with both of them:

NetRAID 1Si - HP Part No. D2140-63004
NetRAID 1M - HP Part No. P3410-60001

I also tried an Adaptec 2940 (non-RAID) adapter and with
it the installer ran just fine.  Based on this, I reinstalled the
HP NetRAID (original) controller and changed the configuration
so that each hard-drive was a logical drive (no RAID 1 or 5)
to simulate the non-RAID configuration of the 2940.  Even
with this simplified configuration the installer still hung.

Keith Parkansky
Network Specialist
Milwaukee County IMSD

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