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Re: Pre-RC3 installation reports on sparc

Jurij Smakov wrote:
> I will have to check that, but joshk does not recall ever having working 
> 2.6 images for sparc32. And I've checked that it is not really a genext2fs 
> fault. A netboot image with cramfs initrd also fails, as if the image
> is corrupt. Looks like there is some kernel problem, so that it fails
> to properly copy initrd in place, or something.

Ok.. at least 2.4 works. It's not a new problem, but I could add it to
the errata all the same.

> I have also tried 2.4 and 2.6 netboot installs on another sparc64 machine 
> I have (Ultra 5). 2.4 works fine, 2.6 hangs due to a bug in sunsab serial 
> console driver, presumably it is the same problem you've seen on your 
> machine. I have committed a fix for that to 2.6.8 branch of debian-kernel 
> SVN, so it will most likely make it into the final release (not RC3 
> though).

Great news!

see shy jo

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