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Bug#298260: installation-reports

Tried the following

   linux aic7xxx=panic_on_abort aic7xxx=verbose:0x39
   linux aic7xxx=panic_on_abort
   linux aic7xxx=verbose:0x39

but this didn't show anything before the system hung either.

The CD-ROM drive is connected to the AIC-7880 and the
CD boots OK.  Thinking that perhaps the problem was
with the HP NetRAID controller I pulled the controller card
out and the installer *does* start.

The controller card is an HP NetRAID D4943-6002 with a
firmware (latest) rev of A.04.03 (7/29/1999).

I put the controller back in and went into the BIOS and
selected "Default settings" in the Adapter menu and
"Auto Termination" on each of the three channels.
There are three logical drives defined.

Keith Parkansky
Network Specialist
Milwaukee County IMSD

Giuseppe Sacco <giuseppe@eppesuigoccas.homedns.org>

03/06/2005 03:53 PM
Please respond to Giuseppe Sacco; Please respond to 298260-quiet

        To:        298260-submitter@bugs.debian.org
        cc:        298260@bugs.debian.org
        Subject:        Bug#298260: installation-reports

I think this is a problem related to the kernel. It might be a problem
of the scsi driver (I know it have some problem, as I use it on a
silicon graphics.)

Could you please try starting the kernel with some debug options for the
aic7xxx driver? You might try:


You may also try to use the serial console, in order to (possibly)
gather some more informations.


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