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Re: timeline update and rc3 test images ready

> 10 Mar  debian-installer test build finishes (approximate)
>         test period

I have revived babelbox today and first made it test the netboot

Babelbox tests are fully automated tests of base system installs, or
desktop installs, in all supported languages.

I will probably have the test results live during the week-end as I
now have a nice VPN from my home to my company network (where babelbox
is running).

First tests results:

-I had to switch from tftpd-hpa to atftpd on the DHCP/TFTP server. For
 an unknown reason, tftpd-hpa sent the pxelinux.0 file then did
 nothing more...Reverting it to the version which was in testing when
 Babelbox ran well, in Januray, didn't help.

 This is of course probably not a d-i issue but I thought it would be
 worth mentioning it, not only in the IRC channel

-languages using jfbterm hang in 2nd stage as mentioned by Kenshi, for
 2.6 installs. I restricted the list to Latin languages at the moment.
 I'll test 2.4 installs later

-Latin languages seem to install well.

I'll put results in the release-checklist file as long as I get them
(/me thinks about a system mailing him the results as soon as

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