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Re: jfbterm 0.4.7 hits screen lock on 2nd stage

> > I noticed a serious bug at this time...
> > 
> > Some language uses jfbterm for 2nd stage console, but jfbterm 0.4.7-1
> > won't stop even when internal process exits at least on vmware.
> > base-config runs "jfbterm -e /bin/true" for test. Because jfbterm won't
> > exit, installer hangs up forever.
> > 
> > This is only happen when I choose linux26 (2.6.8-2-386).
> > - even if I add vga=785 (switch vesa mode), jfbterm goes lockup.
> > - linux24 is OK.
> > - linux26 + jfbterm 0.4.6-1 is OK.
> > 
> > so I think some changes of jfbterm 0.4.7 hit another problem.
> > I'll try to investigate and solve this problem before rc3 release.
> I confirm this case (not in d-i, but just run "jfbterm -e /bin/true").
> I just upload jfbterm 0.4.7-2 and I believe this problem is fixed 
> in jfbterm 0.4.7-2.

The urgency of this upload should probably be bumped to high so that the
testing of d-i RC3 is not delayed. Currently, 2.6 installs cannot be
tested correctly for non Latin languages, except by pointing the
installer to unstable...which of course makes the test irrelevant.

Release magicians, any input?

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