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Re: timeline update and rc3 test images ready

Christian Perrier wrote:
> First tests results:
> -I had to switch from tftpd-hpa to atftpd on the DHCP/TFTP server. For
>  an unknown reason, tftpd-hpa sent the pxelinux.0 file then did
>  nothing more...Reverting it to the version which was in testing when
>  Babelbox ran well, in Januray, didn't help.
>  This is of course probably not a d-i issue but I thought it would be
>  worth mentioning it, not only in the IRC channel

Hmm, fwiw, I'm using tftpd-hpa to netboot i386, alpha, ia64, hppa,
sparc. Aside from needing to set -r blksize for alpha, it works fine in
the default config.

> -languages using jfbterm hang in 2nd stage as mentioned by Kenshi, for
>  2.6 installs. I restricted the list to Latin languages at the moment.
>  I'll test 2.4 installs later

IIRC this is not a new regression is it?

see shy jo

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