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Re: installing from hard drive and network

(Please follow up to debian-boot list so other people may be able to help 
as well.)

On Thursday 10 March 2005 00:47, you wrote:
> Thanks for helping...
> * I'm using sarge
> * system currently runs win98 in a ~1G partition.
> * Linux Swap (40MB) and Linux (~1G) partitions are already set up
> (ranish partition manager)
> * Network card is PCMCIA by Xircom
> I have downloaded the sarge hd-media files and have an install.bat that
> goes like this:
> c:\linux\loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 devfs=mount,dall
> ramdisk_size=12000 initrd=initrd.gz

Looking at the documentation for loadlin, I think the "root=/dev/ram0" 
parameter may be wrong, although the documentation is not completely 

Could you try with just /dev/ram0?
Could you also try with /dev/ram and /dev/rd/0 (both with root= and 
without I guess to make sure)?

> It reads the kernel and the initrd just fine but then crashes when
> trying to mount the root fs on 01:00
> I've also tried 2.6 kernel but I get an error telling me that init
> isn't defined and that I should add an init= line to the loader...
> c:\linux\loadlin 2.6/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 devfs=mount,dall
> ramdisk_size=12000 initrd=2.6/initrd.gz
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