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Re: installing from hard drive and network

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 23:33, Jeff Mikels wrote:
> Can someone help me please? I'm trying to install debian on an old
> laptop (sony vaio-505g) without a floppy drive and without a cd-rom
> drive--therefore, the installation needs to be from hard drive files
> and network.

> However, I've tried sarge, 2.6, idepci, woody, and none of the
> installer scripts are working for me. Most of them crash with a Kernel
> Panic telling me that the root fs can't be mounted on 01:00.
> I've doublechecked the paths and the .bat file and all that, but I
> can't get past the root fs mount.
> Anyone willing to coach me?

I'm willing to give it a shot, but only for the new Sarge installer, not 
the old Woody boot-floppies.
For that, I would suggest to take the subject to the debian-boot mailing 

What (if anything) do you have running on the system currently?
Does the laptop have working networking?
Do you have access to a partitioner that you could use to create linux 


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