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Bug#298702: debian-installer: Base installation is too big - should be trimmed

On Thursday 10 March 2005 08:02, Jari Aalto wrote:
> I haven't tried this, but if it indicates complete "control" by not
> installing zero, nada packages at all - I believe I was proposing
> something different.

Well, not quite. It installs no _additional_ packages to a bare base 
system as set up by debootstrap before the reboot. It does have all basic 
system admin tools, but e.g. no development software, no dictionaries, no 
acpi/apm daemons.
I think you will find that it is a fairly good minimal setup on which to 
build manually.

> I was suggesting a trimmed down installation; especially by looking at
> the current situation and asking a question "Why this installed".

The problem here is that there are certain definitions that the installer 
needs to conform to. By default the installer will install:
- all packages in section base;
- all packages with priorities required, important and standard.
This is unlikely to be changed and the contents of each of these 
categories is evaluated continually but tents to change only very slowly 
as ppl expect to find these packages on any 'normal' linux/unix system.

> "Complete control" is different and requires real expert. Improved
> installation would leave out non-essential packages like development
> tools which are *big* and their download time is long through modem.

Well, it would need more experience than a newby would have, but IMHO not 
real expert level.

> The MTA or PPP were secondary. My main concern was in the other tools
> and the consumed bandwith.
> If there were checkboxes for MTA/PPP as well to skip them, that would
> have solved those.

That is just not the level of detail tasksel was written for.

> If this is the "Complete control" option, please re-open this bug. I
> propesed that the current install woul not just blindly load something
> which happens to belong sme package category - and install them all.

As I don't feel it is, I'll leave it closed. If you really feel strongly 
about this, I suggest you experiment some using the option I suggested 
and if you feel it should be improved, please file a separate wishlist 
bug report with suggestions for improvement.


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