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Bug#298702: debian-installer: Base installation is too big - should be trimmed

| Jari Aalto wrote:
| > Package: debian-installer
| > Severity: minor
| > 
| > For example if installed through modem, the obvious question is why
| > does it try to update/download packages like g++, bison and various
| > other development tools that my dad/mom will never use.
| < cut >
| Hi Jari
| This is definitely post sarge!

No problem, as long as the installer improves.

| They are installed, because these are packages with "standard" priority.

I did not quite understand how the installer "chose" the base
packages, but that explains it.
| As "tasksel" will be changed for "etch" anyway:
| Perhaps we should only install "requiered" and "important"?
| Then we could provide a task "standard packages" in tasksel?

"requiered" and "important" - sounds good although I'm not familiar
with the packaging term. 

Please consider those for better starting point. It is aways nice to
grow up, that first force to download many files that are not needed,
then remove them. The prolem is that one has to examine by hand what
needs to be removed (and that is not easy due to dependencies) - - and
then add what is needed.

It took me 2-3 hours to come up with the current list I posted that I
considered "safe" to remove. 


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