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Re: Problems Installing Debian 3.0 r 4

Perhaps your cd-rom device is not using the el-torito protocol for boot cd's (or is incompatible for some reason) or your bios has a problem with bootable cd's. Why don't you make (from the cd you have already) the floppy disks that will permit you to begin the installation (using the cd's you already have
later on ) ?


John Burhop wrote:

My BIOS will not recognize the installation cd as a boot device. It keeps giving me this message "Boot Device Not Detected, Insert System Disk and Press F1 To Continue...". I have downloaded and burned all of the different cd images and tried to use each one but it still gives me that error message. Am I burning the image wrong? Is there a certain program I should use to burn it? Right now the software I am using to burn the cd images is the default software that comes with windows xp proff, I think it is roxio not sure. I'm hoping someone here can help me find a solution to this.

If I missed something in the installation guide that covers this can you please give me the chapter number or a link.

Thank you.


I am a new user pitty my retardedness.

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