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Re: Looking for Sarge Install docs with SW RAID

On (11/02/05 15:48), Michael Lueck wrote:
> Due to peer feedback that life is better with the built-in SW RAID than the 
> MegaRAID ATA133 board, I have attempted to install Sarge w/ SW RAID.
> The Sarge install docs do not cover the initial setup of software RAID via 
> the installer text UI. After much struggle I think I got it configured 
> correctly. However LILO refuses to install, and GRUB (not suggested with 
> XFS per the installer) has been stuck at the 50% progress point for a LONG 
> time now. It says in messages that it is checking through the devices to 
> figure out the BIOS configuration for the drives. I suspect it does not 
> like having the root file system on a mirror / SW RAID device. Thus, need 
> some docs. Can I mirror all partitions, or must some (a small /boot 
> partition) be non-mirror and thus not protected by RAID against HDD 
> failures? What about swap?
> Also it took over 36 hours to sync the SW RAID, during which time the 
> installer text UI is near useless due to the sync eating up the CPU. 
> MegaRAID firmware prepared the mirror in about 10 seconds. Somehow the 
> installer needs to either "quick format" the RAID, or warn the person 
> installing that it will take the computer hostage for the next eternity 
> while it prepares the array.
I found these useful:



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