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Looking for Sarge Install docs with SW RAID

Due to peer feedback that life is better with the built-in SW RAID than the MegaRAID ATA133 board, I have attempted to install Sarge w/ SW RAID.

The Sarge install docs do not cover the initial setup of software RAID via the installer text UI. After much struggle I think I got it configured correctly. However LILO refuses to install, and GRUB (not suggested with XFS per the installer) has been stuck at the 50% progress point for a LONG time now. It says in messages that it is checking through the devices to figure out the BIOS configuration for the drives. I suspect it does not like having the root file system on a mirror / SW RAID device. Thus, need some docs. Can I mirror all partitions, or must some (a small /boot partition) be non-mirror and thus not protected by RAID against HDD failures? What about swap?

Also it took over 36 hours to sync the SW RAID, during which time the installer text UI is near useless due to the sync eating up the CPU. MegaRAID firmware prepared the mirror in about 10 seconds. Somehow the installer needs to either "quick format" the RAID, or warn the person installing that it will take the computer hostage for the next eternity while it prepares the array.

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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