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Re: Looking for Sarge Install docs with SW RAID

On Friday 11 February 2005 21:48, Michael Lueck wrote:
> The Sarge install docs do not cover the initial setup of software RAID
> via the installer text UI. After much struggle I think I got it

AFAIK the installation manual is the only documentation we currently have 
on sw raid installation.

> configured correctly. However LILO refuses to install, and GRUB (not
> suggested with XFS per the installer) has been stuck at the 50%
> progress point for a LONG time now. It says in messages that it is
> checking through the devices to figure out the BIOS configuration for
> the drives. I suspect it does not like having the root file system on a
> mirror / SW RAID device. Thus, need some docs. Can I mirror all
> partitions, or must some (a small /boot partition) be non-mirror and
> thus not protected by RAID against HDD failures? What about swap?

I suggest you try running the grub installation process with 'set -x' 
in /var/lib/dpkg/info/grub-installer.postinst and in
/target/sbin/update-grub. That should show you exactly where the process 
is stuck and help us fix it.


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