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Re: hpt370A chipset driver

On Thursday 10 February 2005 18:29, shuangrongwu wrote:
>    The DebianInstaller does not include a driver for hpt370a raid
> chipset on-board  ,but I have the driver sources,what should I to
> enable the DebianInstaller recognize hpt370 chipset and enable
> RAID,don't just recognize as normal IDE Controller? I have tried
> something below,but it didn't work:
>   I build the driver with the same kernel version of
> DebianInstaller,and copy the driver ,hpt37x2.ko ,into initrd.gz,when
> DebianInstaller starts to detect hardware,I switch to console 2#,insert
> the driver by typing "insmod hpt37x2.ko",then DebianInstaller recognize
> the hpt370a,I can partition my two disks attached to hpt370a as a
> whole(RAID 0),the name sda.But when it come to kernel
> install,DebianInstaller report an error,something like "I can't find
> moulde hpt37x2,installation failed",but I put hpt37x2.ko into
> initrd.gz,how come it can't find it?What should I do? Thanks.

The error is probably from the creation of the initrd for booting the 
installed system. This initrd is created in a chroot for /target during 
the installation of the kernel and looks for the module under

So what you need to do, is copy the module there manually before kernel 
installation is started.


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