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Bug#282780: FWD: Re: Bug#282780: rc2 hangs in detect filesystems using linux26

----- Forwarded message from Hugo Vanwoerkom <rociobarroso@att.net.mx> -----

From: Hugo Vanwoerkom <rociobarroso@att.net.mx>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 12:39:25 -0600
To: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
Subject: Re: Bug#282780: rc2 hangs in detect filesystems using linux26
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Joey Hess wrote:

>Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
>>Made a liar out of me!
>>Yesterday rc2 hung 3x using expert26!
>>In various places: setting up pppoe, manpages.
>>There are no logs.
>>I saved a 2.6.8 installation image so I can use that instead of the disk.
>Looking at the logs of your bug report, if you're experiencing random
>hangs at all points of the installation process as well as running a
>regular debian system, then there are really only two possibilities;
>either you have broken hardware, or the kernel is not working properly
>with your hardware.
>Is there some reason why you're always using the 2.6 kernel? Why not try

I think I wrote this in another report (Bug#277177: installer hangs in 
"detecting filesystems"):
Installing 2.4 ALWAYS works. Installing 2.6 in expert26 mostly works, 
except for this one time.
linux26 rarely works.
I'd be more than happy to try anything you suggest.
I have no reports of hardware problems anywhere: I run either 2.6.9 or 
2.4.29 (current).
Day before yesterday did a e2fsck -cc on both drives: clean.
There is of course, the setup: I run (B)Ruby, 2 monitors/keyboards/mice 
on 1 PC for 2 simultaneous users with 2 X servers.
That uses either a patched 2.4.29 or a patched 2.6.9.
2 video cards: PCI MX-440 and AGP TNT2 and the monitors to those cards, 
X servers pointing to the cards.
2 IBM PS/2 keyboards in the mini-connectors for "keyboard" and "mouse" 
and 2 A4Tech USB mice in 2 USB ports.
But d-i rc2 finds the keyboard without a problems.



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see shy jo

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