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hpt370A chipset driver

   The DebianInstaller does not include a driver for hpt370a raid chipset on-board  ,but I have the driver sources,what should I to enable the DebianInstaller recognize hpt370 chipset and enable RAID,don't just recognize as normal IDE Controller?
  I have tried something below,but it didn't work:
  I build the driver with the same kernel version of DebianInstaller,and copy the driver ,hpt37x2.ko ,into initrd.gz,when DebianInstaller starts to detect hardware,I switch to console 2#,insert the driver by typing "insmod hpt37x2.ko",then DebianInstaller recognize the hpt370a,I can partition my two disks attached to hpt370a as a whole(RAID 0),the name sda.But when it come to kernel install,DebianInstaller report an error,something like "I can't find moulde hpt37x2,installation failed",but I put hpt37x2.ko into initrd.gz,how come it can't find it?What should I do?

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