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Install Problems

Hello, my name is Jason, and I recently discovered the wonderful world on UNIX computing. In light of this, I decided to make my desktop into a dual boot system with Windows XP and Debian. I'm having some problems though. My computer is a fairly new Dell complete with one SATA controlled hard drive and two PATA controlled cd/dvd rom drives. I downloaded the basic install file for Debian, figuring I could use my network to download/install the main components...but alas, I never got that far because the program cannot detect my hard drive. I think the problem lies somewhere in the fact that it's a SATA controller. Now I know next to nothing about UNIX systems (heck, that's why I want to get this installed!), but when the installer is loading, it display that hda and hdb are my two cd roms. Seems like a problem to me, but I have no clue how to go about fixing it. I don't have a floppy drive or the dirvers to load onto them for that matter (as far as I know). I tried a remodeled installer that was supposed to have SATA support, but that failed as well. I decided to try Fedora Core 3 instead (I know, I'm sorry), but I could only get that to work when I went in the BIOS and changed my raid setting to RAID/ATA otherwise...or something like that...the installer now worked, but Windows would not load. I'm completely at a loss, so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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