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Problem with instalation of Sarge on computer with SATA disc


I've tried install Sarge on Dell computer with one SATA disc and one ATA
disc. During installation it worked fine. I chose "linux26". Everything
were detected. I created LVM space for /home, /usr, /var and /tmp
directories on SATA disc. But after restart it didn't work because it
didn't detect SATA disc before examination fsck.ext3 (and also before
searching LVM space). 

Solution is add "ata_piix" and "piix" lines to /etc/modules. 

The same problem I had with USB keyboard. On any error during
installation it end with line:
(write root password or Ctrl+D for exit):
But USB keyboard hasn't detected yet. Solution is similar, add lines to

I don't know it is Debian bug or it is possible fix it, but in fact,
Sarge installation doesn't work.

More information about this problem is there:
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/01/thrd8.html#03859 Subject:
"Problem with LVM on fresh Sarge installation" Juraj.Kubelka

Best regards.

Juraj Kubelka

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