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Overriding DB Values from the commandline (was: Re: cdebconf X_SETBACKTITLE command)

Hi Joey!

On Monday 31 January 2005 18:29, Joey Hess wrote:
> [1] Most notably I've tried several times to clean up how debconf
>     handles temporary overrides to debconf/priority etc that need to
>     apply during a single run, so that if you dpkg-reconfigue -plow
>     or whatever, accesses to debconf/priority will show it has that
>     value instead of the permanent one in the db. My attempts have
>     failed.

Just a weird idea: The debconf DB is stackable, isn't it? Then I'd assume it 
should be rather easy to code a small readonly DB backend which is fed from 
the commandline and discarded after use?

If this is just plain stupid, you don't even need to answer.

Regards, David

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