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Bug#293036: "testing" install doesn't handle RAID1 root partition

> reassign 293036 installation-reports
> thanks

Oops!  I didn't know there was such a package.

> > Then it fails to open the root filesystem, apparently because it is set
> > as "root=/dev/md0".  I changed this to "root=/dev/hda2 ro" and now it
> > boots just fine.  At some point it remounts / from /dev/md0 and
> > everything from that point runs normally.  This setting may not be
> > correct, but it works!
> Hmm. AFAIK (and I have a test installation sitting here telling me so),
> having root=/dev/md0 _should_ work.
> What errors do you get if you have root=/dev/md0?

I'll have to go back and write it down.  I was just trying to figure
everything out when I ran in to this; I've never used Grub before.

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