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Bug#293036: "testing" install doesn't handle RAID1 root partition

reassign 293036 installation-reports

On Monday 31 January 2005 21:31, Brian White wrote:
> The problem seems to be that Grub is set with the root device as
> "(hd0,0)". Since the first partition is swap, it's trying to read the
> kernel from the wrong partition.  I changed this to "(hd0,1)".

This problem has been reported before and a patch has been proposed for 
the grub package.
See bug #292274 in http://bugs.debian.org.

> Then it fails to open the root filesystem, apparently because it is set
> as "root=/dev/md0".  I changed this to "root=/dev/hda2 ro" and now it
> boots just fine.  At some point it remounts / from /dev/md0 and
> everything from that point runs normally.  This setting may not be
> correct, but it works!

Hmm. AFAIK (and I have a test installation sitting here telling me so), 
having root=/dev/md0 _should_ work.
What errors do you get if you have root=/dev/md0?

> As an aside, the manual partitioning goes okay, but can be somewhat
> confusing:
>  - any configured RAID systems do not show up until you say "configure
>    software raid" and then "finished"
>  - a legend indicating what the symbols (various smilie faces) mean
> would be useful

See the help page from the main partitioning menu.


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