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Bug#293036: "testing" install doesn't handle RAID1 root partition

package: boot-floppies
version: n/a

I just did a new install from the latest "testing" CD.  Everything worked
well except for boot from the hard disk.

For my configuration, I created a RAID1 mirror across two partitions on
two disks, 20GB each.  This seemed to go well and the install happened
with /dev/md0 mounted as /target.

However, when I reboot with Grub, it fails without even finding the kernel.
Interestingly, the install placed two entries under "other operating
systems" of "Debian GNU/Linux 3.1" -- the two raw partitions that make
up the mirror.  Those I can select and boot from and everything works
just fine (/dev/md0 is mounted as /).

The problem seems to be that Grub is set with the root device as "(hd0,0)".
Since the first partition is swap, it's trying to read the kernel from the
wrong partition.  I changed this to "(hd0,1)".

Then it fails to open the root filesystem, apparently because it is set
as "root=/dev/md0".  I changed this to "root=/dev/hda2 ro" and now it
boots just fine.  At some point it remounts / from /dev/md0 and everything
from that point runs normally.  This setting may not be correct, but it

As an aside, the manual partitioning goes okay, but can be somewhat

 - any configured RAID systems do not show up until you say "configure
   software raid" and then "finished"

 - a legend indicating what the symbols (various smilie faces) mean would
   be useful


                                 ( bcwhite@precidia.com )

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