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Re: d-i and popcon

On Sunday 30 January 2005 16:53, Bill Allombert wrote:
> > So, sadly, I agree with Joey : adding it now would break automated
> > installs, and therefore need the preseeding documentation to be
> > modified.
> Is there no way to work around that problem ?

Here's a possible solution although I'm not completely sure it's feasible.

- Create a 'popcon' task containing only popcon
- Make tasksel install this popcon task by default
  (using same mechanism as used for language tasks)

This would clearly be an interim solution for Sarge until a more permanent 
solution can be implemented post-Sarge.
No extra dialogs in base-config are needed, so no translation issues.

Of course, this would still break existing automatic installations because 
of the regular popcon debconf question, but I feel that adding a preseed 
line for popcon should not be a big problem.


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