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Bug#291685: Installation-report HP Visualize C200

clone 291685 -1
reassign -1 prebaseconfig
retitle -1 Should configure inittab for sercon if network-console is used

On Saturday 22 January 2005 13:08, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> I had initial problems with the right tftpd server. While atftpd
> is known to work in most scenarios, it produced timeouts in combination
> with the HP hardware. tftpd-hpa worked fine.

We've seen this before.

> Installation went till the point of choosing the kernel - which
> doesn't seem to depend on initrd-tools, so the kernel installation
> failed and I had to reinstall with a manual installation of the
> missing package. Additionally kernel-img.conf didn't contain
> the "do_initrd=yes" string.

Hmm. For most kernels initrd _is_ used. I think this is configured 
somewhere in d-i.

Joey: any ideas?

> After this, the installation went fine till reboot. Following
> hardware detection crashed the machine with loading the de4x5
> module which was automatically disabled for the next reboot.

No idea about this issue.

> While installing with a serial console, it would be fine to have
> the matching inittab line enabled, so that I'm able to use
> the machine later on.

This is because you used network-console.
I have cloned your report for this issue. I've also prepared a patch which 
I will test and commit.

> Maybe these things are fixed in SVN. Now I've a build system
> to create newer images ;-)

Help is always welcome.


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